UltratechHost Cloud servers allow you to build architectures requiring a virtual network quickly and easily. Singapore Cloud VPS
Delivered in your own network, they give you private and free communication between servers. Our Public Cloud is a flexible, scalable, and highly redundant virtualized hosting platform. Now you can focus on what you’re really good at. Our public cloud is ideal for a variety of workloads, including testing and development, email and web hosting.

Location : Singapore | Platform : KVM Hypervisor | Setup : 1-24 Working Hours | Cloud Type : Public | Service Type : Unmanaged | Promo : UltraCloudVPS (5% Recurring Off)



1 Core Virtual CPU
1 GB Virtual RAM
40 GB Disk Space
1Gbps (Virtual) Network
Linux OS
4 TB Bandwidth
€ 12.99/Month
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2 Core Virtual CPU
2 GB Virtual RAM
60 GB Disk Space
1Gbps (Virtual) Network
Linux/Windows OS
6 TB Bandwidth
€ 24.99/Month
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4 Core Virtual CPU
4 GB Virtual RAM
80 GB Disk Space
1Gbps (Virtual) Network
Linux/Windows OS
8 TB Bandwidth
€ 38.99/Month
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8 Core Virtual CPU
8 GB Virtual RAM
160 GB Disk Space
1Gbps (Virtual) Network
Linux/Windows OS
10 TB Bandwidth
€ 55.99/Month
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Basic Firewall as been setup to provide additional security to the cloud server and it acts as virtual router, where it filters all the traffic.

Load balancer

Easily scale by adding a Software based load balancer to your virtual network for a small additional fee.


All data traffic within your virtual network is free of charge; you are only charged for data traffic that goes in or out of the virtual network. You can purchase a data traffic pack to increase the public data traffic allowance for your virtual network.

Data traffic surcharges are based on the total allowed public network traffic. The surcharge for traffic exceeding your traffic allowance is €0.06/ GB.

Virtual network

When you order Cloud Server for the first time, you will be provided with a virtual network.
Within this virtual network all your (future) cloud instances will be deployed and connected using private IP addresses.
The maximum amount of virtual networks is currently limited to one per account.